Why an original part?

Because of highest quality standard, because you will get the latest state of the art and the part will perfectly matched to your vehicle.

You will have maximum security, you will provide longevity and added value for your vehicle.

And so many others good reasons ...

Why can not I see any product in the list?

Because you must be logged in with a Wholesale account. Please, contact wagenparts.com or ...

... you can also buy in our 'Private sales/Particulares/Particuliers/Privati shop' (to access clic in the button below).




How can I search the original part I need?

Using the manufacturer reference code.

searching reference original parts volkswagensearching reference original parts volkswagen

If you have any doubt contact us.

Why is the website in English and the Data base in German?

Because our customers are from 15 different countries and our main providers are in Germany.

We plan a gradual expansion to the other languages, again offering a daily enhancement of the multilingualism of the site, but the Data base will remain in German because it is updated regularly, the main key to search is the reference item and we do not want to charge our customers with the cost of translating this huge Data base (with more of 2.000.000 items).

How can I read the search results?

original partWhen searching an original part in our website you just need to know the manufacturer reference, input this reference in the "Search window" and select the propossed line.

If you search by manufaturer or by any other filter you will find something like that (example ref. 03F100010AG). Just clic on "Buy" icon and the item will be added to your basket.

original part

obsolete referenceSometimes the manufacturer change the reference used for an item (we do not know exactly the internal rules the manufacturer have to change or to assigne references). 

The search module will propose you the searched reference but it will be locked to buy. The system will inform you about the new reference (number in parentheses) to be used to buy this original part from now on.

obsolete reference

exchange item

Certain parts require delivery of the same worn part in exchange for the new one. An additional charge "Refundable Fee" will be billed to the customer pending the receipt by Wagenparts.com of the worn parts. 

Once the worn part is received in Wagenparts.com the "Refundable Fee" will be refunded to the customer.

exchange item

locked itemSometimes the manufacturer stop providing an item temporaly (we do not know the exact reasons, neither the protocol used by manufacturers to stop or restart providing all their references) so we discontinue this reference till we can ensure the distribution.

The item will be locked to buy till the manufacturer reintroduce the reference in the distribution channel.

locked item