About us

Welcome to Wagenparts, your trusted car original parts store!

From father to son it is how you can build on knowledge, education and honesty. Three basics words that defines the heart of our new onlineshop company. We continue in our tradition as a automotive Spare parts business. Our tradition is maintaining our good experience.

This online project begun with the establishment of a Volkswagen/Seat representation (concessionaire). The ongoing expansion of service and supply is leading us to a new level of customer satisfaction

Our founder, Mr Javier Sánchez has proved to be an excellent professional, keen to share his expertise with his employees and customers for the sake of it. He has push a team of people to understand the needs of new world surrounded by Technology, he has teach their way into a new future, and we are willing to share it with you. Our goal is to set up an online ecommerce, easy access to every professional who is looking for a truly reliable partner in Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover original car parts trading.

Today we are in business thanks to a capital of 40 dedicated employees at 6 physical locations in Barcelona province. Our company, wagenparts.com, as it names well defines specialize in export/import original and non-original Spare parts from Spain and to Spain from virtually anywhere in the world. The company owns several warehouse spain nationwide, where we can supply a wide range of stocks available in motoroils, bateries, oem quality and oem genuine Spare parts. Wagenparts has also one warehouse in Germany and one in Ceuta (Spain in Africa).

We have surround ourselves with all up-to-date Technology and a group of a well trained professional staff, ready to offer you the lowest prices available. Due to the progressive turnover, we are able to build on larger stocks at your disposal for 24 hour service delivery. We offer a high quality and timely delivery of original car parts, the whole process of your order until you receive it within Spain will take 1 to 3 days depending on manufacturer and availability, and from 4 to 10 days worldwide.

We are in a process to make your experience with us more than worth it,  With us you do not have to wait weeks for an answer to a question about the status of your order. We will regularly inform our clients about the status of their orders via email. And also you will have the opportunity to monitor the status of your order on line.

We are looking forward for your partnetship with us!